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    • Trusted in Roofing

      The Good Roofing Company is one of the best and trusted roofing companies in Mission KS, and surrounding area. We would be grateful to provide you with solutions to keep your property functioning at the best it can.
    • Roofing without the Mess

      Roofing without the Mess

      The Catch-All System, keeps your property mess free and protected throughout your entire project.
    • Available Finance Option

      Available Finance Option

      Ask us about our financing options. We have financing available for any commercial or residential services our company provides.
    • Multi-Dwelling & Commercial

      Multi-Dwelling & Commercial

      No matter what size of your commercial we have solutions for you. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!
    • Restoration after Disaster

      Restoration after Disaster

      Unpredictable midwest weather can really damage your roof. Good Roofing Company is here to help you in your time of need.
    • Full-Service Contractor

      The Full-service commercial contractor team in Mission, KS is here to serve you. We service roofs of every shape and size, commercial or residential. Call us today at (816) 207-3993 to learn more of what we can do to keep your roof in top condition.

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    • Owens Corning
    • CertainTeed
    • Atlas
    • LP SmartSide
    • The Catch-All
    • Equipter
    • BBB
    • NRCA
    • American Policyholder Association
    • Kansas Roofing Association
    • Angies List
    • HAAG Commercial
    • HAAG Residential
    • HAAG Wind Damage
    • PP OC Preferred
    • mo kansas city roofing 2020
    • Directorii
    • CityOf.com Premier Service Award - 2021


    Keeping Jobsites Clean & Safe

    • The Catch-AllGood Roofing Company knows that your landscape is an important. With our The Catch-All System, we can ensure that your property stay just like new. Instead of using plywood or tarps to cover your property and a magnet to pick up the spare nails, The Catch-All System keeps your landscape fully protected through every stage of the project.
    • EquipterWe want to make sure that your home or business is back to its best after a project as quickly as possible. With using the Equipter Roofing Buggy, our team can curve the clean-up time by 75% or more. This allows you to get back to business as usual faster.


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      • Angies List
      • HAAG Commercial
      • HAAG Residential
      • HAAG Wind Damage
      • PP OC Preferred
      • mo kansas city roofing 2020