$149 Roof Maintenance & Roof Leak Repair

What condition is your roof in?  You probably don’t know.  Just like your car needs regular oil changes to perform at its best, your roof needs preventative maintenance for the same reason.

Statistics show that a roof that receives this kind of attention lasts 30% longer than one that doesn’t. 

Having that roof inspected and preventative maintenance performed is the single most important thing you can do to extend its life and keep your home and family well protected.

Good Roofing Company is here to help.  We have developed a $149 roof maintenance and roof leak repair program just for you.

The plan is very simple. For $149 per visit, we inspect your roof, complete with a detailed report, including photos.  We seal pipe flashings, HVAC vents and other penetrations.  Should a more advanced, permanent repair be necessary, we offer a credit of this same $149 toward that repair.  That credit is good for a full 30 days!

There are a few conditions (of course).

  1. Limit of 1 offer per household.
  2. Not valid for cash back.
  3. May not be combined with any other special offers.
  4. Offer may not be applied to current or past projects.
  5. Special program must be requested when project is being scheduled,

Benefits of Ongoing Maintenance

There are so many benefits to consider.

Cost effective.  The extra 7-10 years you get out of that roof is worth the investment in maintenance all by itself.

Increased protection.  A stronger, well-maintained roof automatically provides increased protection against the elements to your home, your belongings, and your family.

Warranty.  Most roof systems require ongoing maintenance to keep their warranty in full effect.  You have paid for that warranty, don’t let it lapse due to this omission.

Savings.  Addressing smaller repairs as they occur is much less expensive than waiting until you have a large problem that requires extensive repair, or even a full replacement.

Reduced damage.  Small leaks can lead to large amounts of damage.  The development of mold, damage to the structure itself, even electrical fires can directly result from unaddressed leak issues.

Property value.  A well-maintained roof increases not only the curb appeal of your home, but the overall property value, as well. 

Your home is probably the largest asset your family owns.  Protect it with our maintenance program.  For more information, call Good Roofing Company today at 816-207-3993 and schedule your appointment.  Don’t forget to request the $149 maintenance program special!