Emergency Services

Storms happen at all hours of the day and night. Inconvenient, yes, but Mother Nature doesn’t work the typical 9 to 5. If storms strike and your property needs immediate attention, don’t hesitate to call our team at the Good Roofing Company. We’ll diligently work to provide temporary repairs and tarping to keep your property fully protected until permanent solutions can be completed.

If you’re in need of emergency assistance, please call our team at 816-207-3993.

Damage Requiring Immediate Repair

When a storm blows through town, taking immediate steps to halt additional damage is paramount to keep the interior of your home from sustaining additional damage. The following roof damage typically requires immediate attention:

  • Major roof leaking
  • Missing shingle/roof components
  • Damaged shingles – from debris, high winds, or hail.

In some instances, it will not be safe for our team to address repairs immediately. During severe storms, the safety of our clients and team members must come first. If the weather conditions are unsafe when we arrive to stabilize your roofing trouble spots, we will keep in touch with you until the storms have settled enough for our team to address your roofing emergency.

It is important to note – we do not recommend attempting to check your roof for damage during severe weather. If you are concerned with electrical issues, we will recommend you shut off the main electrical supply switch. You might also have to set out buckets, move furniture, or place tarps within your home to keep your property as dry as possible. However, please do not attempt to complete temporary repairs while tumultuous weather is still blowing through your area. Your safety is important to us.

After the Storm

When you need immediate attention, the Good Roofing Company team will come to your property to protect it from further damage and deterioration. Upon completion of the emergency repairs, we will then work with you to schedule a time to complete permanent repair solutions. This can include repairs, replacements, and insurance claims assistance.

Emergency Commercial Roofing Services

The Good Roofing Company also provides emergency services to business owners and property managers. Our team will schedule a time to meet you at your commercial property, even after business hours, to address your emergency roofing needs.

We are here for you 24/7 during roofing emergencies – not just within regular business hours. Call our team when you need emergency roofing services. You can reach us at 816-207-3993.