Claims Assistance

Living in the Midwest, we all understand that storm season is not something we can avoid. Luckily, in the event that a storm causes damage to your property, the team at Good Roofing Company is here to provide assistance. When your home or office sustains storm damage you don’t have to navigate the process alone. Our team is here to help walk you through the sometimes-complicated insurance claims process. We’ll ensure that the settlement you receive is the exact amount that you deserve. We’ll then begin your roofing project and complete it with exceptional workmanship.

The Claims Process

To create a smooth insurance claims process, below you’ll find a list of steps that we traditionally follow. This process is for both commercial and residential properties. If you started the claims process without an expert on your side, don’t fret. We can jump in at any point to assist you.

  1. Have your roof professionally inspected by our team.
    1. This will ensure that your property actually sustained damage. If we do not find damage, the process will end. If we do notice damage, it will all be noted, and we’ll move on to step 2.
  2. Any areas that are exposed will be tarped immediately.
  3. We will assist you with a call to your insurance company to make your claim.
  4. An adjuster from your insurance company will inspect your property.
    1. We will meet the adjuster at your property. During the adjuster inspection, it is always important to have a party that is knowledgeable about roofing on your site. We will point out all the areas we noted of damage to ensure that you do not have to have a reinspection to get coverage.
  5. We will then review the scope of work when you receive it from your insurance company.
    1. You will receive a detailed breakdown of what the insurance company is approving repairs on. After we review the scope to ensure you are fully covered, we can begin work. If we find that something is missing we will work alongside your insurance company to correct it.
  6. Your roofing, siding, and/or gutter project will begin.
  7. After completion, we will send a final invoice to your insurance company.

Here When You Need Us

No matter how prepared we are, there is no one who can predict when and where damaging storms will strike. In the event that Mother Nature throws hail, high winds, or other damage your way, don’t worry. Allow the team at Good Roofing Company to come assist you! Call us today at 816-775-2400 to learn more.