Roof Installation – Lone Jack, Missouri

The roof of your building is its most crucial aspect. It’s the last line of defense against the outside and must be installed well with the right roofing system and company. If you’re looking for roof installation in or around Lone Jack, Missouri, Good Roofing Company is an excellent company with experience in the field. You can contact us at 816-207-3993 to book your appointment.

What is Roof Installation?

It’s recommended that you consult with a professional and choose a roof that best suits your needs. Knowing and understanding the roof installation process better helps ensure your roof is installed correctly and the hired company has done its job. Roofs are an essential part of your home that protects against the outside world, so making the right decision and hiring an experienced company goes a long way.

For new homes, roof installation is part of the building process. Still, with older homes, sometimes the roof can’t be fixed with just roof repair. Instead, the whole roof may need to be replaced to protect the building’s structure.

Firstly, a roof inspection must be done to analyze the damage and the steps from this point to a new roof installation and to communicate these steps with the owners.

Types of Roof Installations:

The style makes the installation process different in materials, techniques, and tools the roofers may use to install the new building. Asphalt shingles are considered the most affordable and common of the other installation options. However, installing new roofs is quite different from the re-roofing process. Installing a new roof requires working on the roof sheathing, installing, and making a structural framework for the top. When looking to build a house, make sure to choose the right roofing company to help you through the decision process.

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Roof installation is arguably the essential part of your house repair. Choosing the right company with ample experience leads to an efficient installation process and a roof that lives out its entire lifespan. If you’re looking for roof installation in or around Lone Jack, Missouri, give Good Roofing Company a chance. Call us at 816-207-3993 to book your roof installation appointment!

New Roof – Lone Jack, MO

Every business or property owner and roofer will agree that the roofing system is the most significant part of a property. The standards and level of protection that a property offers depend upon the quality of the roofing system. Any property’s roofing system is also the most vulnerable part. One must invest time, thought, and money when installing a brand new roof.

Good Roofing Company is proud to be one of the most trusted roofing service providers in all of Missouri. To learn more about our services in Lone Jack, Missouri, You can reach out to us at 816-207-3993.

Important points to look for in a new roof:

A new roof marks an integral part of the life of any property owner, alongside the owner’s property. Getting a new roof for your brand-new house is an essential investment for most people. Since a new roof marks the beginning of something new, one must be mindful of a few things.

As exciting as it may sound, searching for a new roofing service can be a hassle for many people. The first step is finding a reliable and trusted roofing contractor. When looking for a roofing service provider, you should always be careful about the operational methods and quality of products the roofing company uses. Make sure you go through their customer reviews and testimonials to find out about their past projects. Also, it is always best to hire a roofing company that has some kind of approval or endorsement from a reputable regulatory body.

With a new roof, property owners face the unique problem of choosing what sort of roofing system would suit their property. The roofing market offers numerous options in the form of flat roofs, single-ply roofs, metal roofs, and many others for owners to choose from. To find out which roofing product will work best for you, seek guidance from your roofing company while doing separate independent research. Think about the weather in your area and what you want to do with your property.

Why should you hire us?

Good Roofing Company has been operating as a full-fledged commercial roofing contractor in Missouri for several years. Our devoted workers and technicians have proven their skill sets in the market by providing our customers with cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. The products we use are guaranteed to be warranted. We are proud to have won the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Award and Angie’s Super Service Award in 2022.

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If you’re looking for a new roof in Lone Jack, Missouri, reach out to Good Roofing Company by calling us at 816-207-3993.

Local Roofers – Lone Jack, Missouri

Good Roofing Company is operational in many places throughout Missouri, including Lone Jack. We’re a full-service commercial and residential roofing company that is striving to be the best in the region. Our top-notch services and our crew of local roofers also set us apart from the other companies. Having local roofers is important, and if you want to find out more about our team, then you can call our helpline: 816-207-3993. You can continue reading to learn why local roofers are important to our cause in Lone Jack, Missouri.

Why are local roofers important?

You can get any roofer to work on your roof, be it a professional or an amateur one. However, if they are not local roofers, they will probably lack the knowledge required to carry out successful regional roofing operations. A local roofer is well aware of the climate of the region they belong to. This helps them when they have to provide roofing solutions to clients, as the weather is the most important factor that affects roof conditions.

The owners at Good Roofing Company are responsible for selecting the most professional local roofers from Missouri. The upside to this policy is that all our roofers are knowledgeable about the climate, the roofing trend, and the types of properties in Lone Jack, Missouri. This ultimately helps our clients get out of sticky situations much more efficiently. If there had been a recent storm in the region, then a local roofer would be much more aware of the destruction it must’ve caused compared to someone who did not witness the storm. Therefore, in such situations, a local roofer will understand what to do better.

A local roofer will also be available for emergency services as they will be available within the region. They would not require travel from elsewhere. This means that they can administer emergency services more quickly.

Excellent service and an even better team!

All in all, our team of roofers is based on our policy to hire only the best and brightest local professionals. When you combine them with well-thought-out and customizable roofing services, you have the best roofing contractor in all of Lone Jack, Missouri.

Hire our local roofers.

If you want to get emergency repairs or any other roofing services done, then call our local roofers at 816-207-3993. Good Roofing Company is the best company in Lone Jack, Missouri.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Lone Jack, Missouri

Commercial property owners have to worry about many things regarding their buildings’ maintenance. The roof is also an important facet that must be looked after. However, commercial property owners no longer have to do this on their own. Good Roofing Company is the premier commercial roofing contractor in Lone Jack, Missouri. You can contact our team for any issues related to your commercial roof, and we will help you out! To find out more about our services, call us on our helpline: 816-207-3993.

Our Business Services

We are a full-service roofing company; therefore, our services try to cater to all aspects of the demand for roofing services in Missouri. You can count on us as your primary commercial roofing contractor to provide the very best service your roof can get!

You can choose from various services depending on what your roof needs. If it is slightly damaged, then you can go for our leak detection and roof repair service. This service involves patching up parts of the roof that require attention. However, if your roof is slightly more damaged, then you can choose the restoration option. This service aims to restore the entire roof with multiple layers of coating.

You can also choose the roof replacement or installation option. This service is for roofs that are old and completely useless. The old roofing system is replaced with a new one to give your roof a new look.

Along with these services, we have a number of primary services that are often used in conjunction with the services explained above. Our inspection and maintenance services are used before and after the main services are applied. We also have emergency services for when your roof requires immediate attention. On top of all of that, we can also assist you in filing your insurance claims.

Our roofing team

Along with providing high-quality, planned-out services, it is our responsibility as a commercial roofing contractor to also provide the best professionals. Combine our services with our highly experienced team of local roofers, and you get the best commercial roofing contractor in the region!

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If you are more curious about our services as a commercial roofing contractor, then you must call us at 816-207-3993. Good Roofing Company provides roofing services all over Missouri, including Lone Jack, Missouri.

Roof Replacement – Lone Jack, Missouri

Roof replacement is a tricky option when it comes to the world of roofing services. Many roofers will tell you to get a roof replacement just because it profits them more. However, the roofers at Good Roofing Company can tell you if your roof needs a replacement or not just after one inspection. Roof replacement is a costly service. Therefore, all our advice is focused on saving you money by reviving your current roof with other methods like repairs and restorations. However, sometimes the roof just cannot be salvaged and must be replaced. If you are in Lone Jack, Missouri, and find yourself in a similar situation, call us at 816-207-3993.

What is the roof replacement process?

A roof replacement involves removing the entire old roofing system and installing a new one. The process also involves repairing the damaged substrate or deck. The damage to the deck/roofing structure is more visible once the old roofing system is removed. It is important to repair this damage and then install the new roofing system. As you must have guessed, all of these are big procedures that require a lot of manpower and materials. Therefore, roof replacements are costly jobs that should only be embarked upon if necessary.

There are other options on the market that can help overcome a slightly damaged or leaky roof. Repairs and restorations (coatings) are perfect for carrying your roof over the tough storm period. However, restorations are recommended if you do not maintain your roof and it has been a long time since you had it last replaced. We’re talking about a period of more than ten to fifteen years of negligence regarding your roof’s maintenance.

Replacements with a Good Roofing Company

Replacements with Good Roofing are always better than with amateur roofers because we are a full-service commercial roofing contractor who values client satisfaction and customer relationships more than just profit-making. We have a business ethos that we follow, and just because a service is more costly should not be the reason we suggest it to the client. Our inspection reports always give an honest look at the roof, not a false claim that it needs to be replaced when our repair or restoration service can fix it.

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To avail this wonderful hospitality, you can contact the roofers of Good Roofing Company at 816-207-3993. Our roof replacement service is now available all over Lone Jack, Missouri.

Roof Repair – Lone Jack, Missouri

Roof repair is a very common service available across Missouri. However, many amateur roofers are offering roof repairs in Lone Jack, Missouri, causing more havoc than positivity. Whenever you want to get anything done on your roof, it is advised that you get a professional roofer with years of experience so that they don’t mess anything up. A roof is one of the most essential commercial and residential property assets. Therefore, only the best should be allowed to work on your roof. If you are interested in roof repair services, then you should contact Good Roofing Company at 816-207-3993.

Detecting damage

Damage detection is part of our inspection service, and it is always advised to leave such a technical task to professionals. Different sorts of unidentified damage can rot your roof before an untrained eye can spot what’s happening. Therefore, using our free inspection service, you should get your roof regularly inspected.

There are still a few obvious signs of damage that should be fixed immediately upon detection. If you detect any of the following signs, then call us immediately:

  1. Water marks on ceilings
  2. Water was dripping down from the ceiling.
  3. The smell of rot and mold due to the leakages
  4. Missing shingles
  5. Loose flashing
  6. Water ponding

All of these are clear signs that you should get your roof inspected immediately and then get it repaired. Plenty of other damage on your roof may not be as visible as the six signs explained above. Therefore, you should stay on top of everything by making regular checks on your roof via our free inspection service.

Repair Procedure

We have a simple procedure when it comes to roof repair. We believe that keeping it as hassle-free as possible is better for our clients as well as our roofers. Therefore, our roof repair steps involve inspections, proposals, approvals, and actual repairs.

Once our roofers give you a repair proposal based on their inspection findings, it will be up to you to approve the repairs. After the approval, the swift repairs are started, and your roof is brought back to life in no time. Again, nothing happens without your approval.

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For a swift roof repair for your residential or commercial property in Lone Jack, Missouri, you should call the Good Roofing Company at 816-207-3993.

Commercial Leak Repair – Lone Jack, Missouri

Leaks aren’t just on the minds of homeowners across Lone Jack, Missouri, but they also annoy commercial property managers and owners all the time. Leaks are such a common occurrence that everyone should have a permanent roofing contractor rather than go out and waste time finding new roofers every time. Good Roofing Company has a solution for all commercial and industrial property owners annoyed by having to repair their roofs repeatedly. Contact us at 816-207-3993 to avail ourselves of our commercial leak repair service. Find out more about this service in the section below.

Detecting Leaks and Reporting

Leak detection is very easy, and you are urged to report it to us as soon as you detect it. Our team will visit the site as soon as possible and go over our commercial leak repair procedure.

Regular inspections can usually keep your roof leak-free. However, if you haven’t gotten our free inspection in a while and see the following leak signs, then that means you need our leak repair service:

  1. Water marks on the ceiling: These usually leave dark spots and are visible enough to spot easily.
  2. Water Drippage: Water running down in droplets is obviously a leakage that needs to be reported.
  3. Smell: Water leakage always leaves behind rot and mold. The smell of mold should be a sign that something is wrong.

Go over your roof from time to time and if you spot any of these signs or any other damage, then report it to us. If you do not have the time to do this, you can also get our free inspection service! Getting regular inspections is also useful as our trained roofers can easily spot leakages where the untrained eye cannot spot anything.

Commercial Leak Repair Procedures

Our procedure has been streamlined so that it is easier and less time-consuming for all parties involved in the process. We have narrowed the process to three stages:

  1. Inspecting the roof
  2. Submitting a repair proposal and receiving an approval
  3. Carrying out the repairs

This process is simple and gives power to the client. Without the client’s approval, our roofers will not start working on your roof. You will also have a detailed report of all the repairs to be carried out so that you will not be paying for anything less.

Contact us for more information.

If you want a commercial leak repair done in Lone Jack, Missouri, you can contact Good Roofing Company at 816-207-3993.

Roof Insurance Claim – Lee’s Summit, MO

Dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating at times. As part of Good Roofing Company’s promise of providing complete roofing solutions to our customers, we are happy to offer our insurance claims and project management expertise in case you need it. Beginning with a free-of-cost damage assessment for your property in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, we will help you through the paperwork and processes of roof insurance claims. Get in touch with us at (816) 207-3993!

Our team contains former insurance adjusters who know the ins and outs of the processes used by insurance companies to itemize your loss. We will walk you through the process to make sure your property is receiving the necessary repairs and relevant work.

The Process:

1. Submit your claim.

You need to begin the claim process by informing your insurance agent of the damage. Have your insurance policy number at hand, as well as the date when the damage occurred. The insurance agent will provide you with a claim number along with the name and phone number of the adjuster who will be handling your claim.

2. Meet The Adjuster.

The adjuster will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to assess your damage. Call our office immediately and give us the time the adjuster will be there so that one of our project managers can meet with him. Our project manager will represent you and your interests to get all the damage dealt with.

3. Review and Claim Summary Report

The insurance company should send you a “claim summary report,” which gives an itemized estimate of the repairs the adjuster noted while at your property. Additionally, you should receive your first check to initiate your repairs.

Our project manager will ensure all of the damage is included in the report. If any damage is found to be overlooked, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf.

4. ‘Authorize Work’

Once all work has been agreed upon between the insurance company and contractor, you will then need to authorize the repairs to your home by signing an agreement with Good Roofing Company. This is typically the time when you will get to select materials and colors for your project.

5. Work completion

If needed, Good Roofing Company will submit to your insurance company the amount withheld from the first check and will continue to follow up with your insurance company to ensure the full payment is issued to you. The final payment is due to us upon receiving the insurance check.

Getting Started Today

Good Roofing Company welcomes your inquiries. Give us a call at (816) 207-3993 to get your roof insurance claim in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, as soon as possible.

Roof Inspection – Lone Jack, MO

Over the years, harsh weather conditions can wear down your roof. However, periodic inspections can help find and diagnose problems in their early stages, saving you considerable amounts of time and money. If your roof needs a roof inspection, don’t delay it! Good Roofing Company provides residential and commercial roofing services to clients in Lone Jack, Missouri. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable roofers today at (816) 207-3993.

As a full-service roofing contractor, we carry out comprehensive roof inspections on all types of commercial and residential properties. With a professional maintenance and inspection team, you can keep your roofing costs low and add many years to your roof’s life.

Roof Inspection Advantages

Did you know that without regular inspections and maintenance, a roof can last less than 50% of its usual lifespan? Apart from prolonging the lifespan of your roof, inspections come with additional benefits:

  • assists with insurance claims (when you need to make one).
  • It documents the roof’s condition.
  • reducesReduces costs by dealing with prearly.s early
  • stabilizes general insurance costs.
  • helps maximize the return on your investment on your roof.

Whether you own a residential or commercial building, Good Roofing Company has you covered. Our roof inspections are designed to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment. To schedule an inspection, call us today!

Detailed Commercial Roof Inspections

Don’t wait for serious roofing issues to occur. Set up an inspection plan with Good Roofing Company. Our inspections involve the following steps:

  • Determining the condition of the roofing materials
  • Assessing caps, drip edges, and ridges
  • Examining water-draining channels and equipment
  • Looking for evidence of any roof movement?
  • Evaluating openings such as HVAC units, chimneys, roof valleys, vents, piping, and roof penetrations
  • Examining the flashings and other details.

Roof Inspection Services in Lone Jack, MO

Industry experts recommend roof inspections twice a year. However, certain events prompt additional inspections:

  • Heavy snowfall and snowmelt:
  • Severe storms along with hail
  • High winds
  • Frequent heavy foot traffic.

Has the health of your roof been tested by events like this or something similar? If so, you can count on Good Roofing Company to give you a full inspection and evaluation of your roof.

Roof Inspection Estimates

Need a roof inspection program or are you interested in getting your roof inspected in Lone Jack, Missouri, right now? Give Good Roofing Company a call. We can perform a focused inspection to address a specific problem, or we can help you understand the benefits of an ongoing maintenance program. To speak with our roofing professionals, dial (816) 207-3993 now!

Roof Coating – Lone Jack, MO

It’s well known that roof replacements are effective yet quite expensive. While a roof replacement may cause a big dent in your wallet, a roof coating or recoating is an alternative solution that can help prolong the life of your roof for many years. Roof coatings often consist of a single-ply membrane sprayed over the existing roof system. It can coat pipes and seams with a waterproof barrier. If you want to know more about roof coatings, chat with the roofing experts at Good Roofing Company by calling (816) 207-3993. We’re servicing roofs in Lone Jack, Missouri, and other parts of the state as well.

commercial roof coating types

There are two kinds of coating material commonly used: silicone and acrylic. There are several other options, but they are not commonly used. What’s the difference between the two? Well, we’re glad you asked!


Silicone-based roof coatings are very reflective and offer good resistance to UV rays. Additionally, you can stay worry-free about it eroding. They are more cost-effective than acrylic. A regular maintenance schedule is recommended to maintain the coating’s effectiveness.


Acrylic is a water-based roof coating material that is highly reflective and quite resistant to UV rays. They are also well suited for a variety of climates and weather conditions. However, this option is a bit more expensive than silicone and may take a week to fully cure after applying the coat.

Preparing and Applying the Roof Coating

Preparing for a roof coating is not as difficult as one might imagine. Since it does not require any mechanical work, we start by simply removing all debris and movable parts from the roof before completing a full inspection of your roof. If necessary, we’ll make repairs to the base. After ensuring the surface of your roof is thoroughly cleaned, we apply the coating.

The spraying usually takes a few hours to complete. The time it takes to cure will depend on the coating material you use. The benefits of getting a roof coating far outweigh the costs associated with it. Also, if you compare the cost of coating or re-coating a commercial roof to replacing it completely, you’d be surprised at how much money you’d save.

Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Looking after your commercial roof after it is coated is very simple. The details of the long-term care of your newly coated roof will vary based on the type of coating you choose. However, there are some general tips that should be followed no matter the material: keep the roof clean; make timely repairs when needed; and respray as needed. This will allow you to potentially hold off on the full roof replacement or retrofit.

Why Choose Us?

At Good Roofing Company, we promise 100% customer satisfaction and a smooth experience for all of the services we provide. If you are interested in getting your roof in Lone Jack, Missouri a roof coating, contact us at (816) 207-3993 to get your free estimate today!